3 Key Practices to Enhance Urgency on Your Site with Coupon Codes

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Psychology expert of the day present a strong connection between the customer psyche and sense of urgency. In fact, a ticking clock in the background keeps heartbeat rising in fear of losing something. The same goes true for online shopping with promo codes. Whatever offer you give your customer, urgency is highly influential. For example; a casaza coupon code expiring soon will have much deeper effect than a code with shelf life. Hence, playing games with customers’ mind, it is possible to give a big boost to your sales and, consequently, revenue.

Now, it comes how to create urgency via promo codes and discount offers? Well, there are three major ways to pick up from or combine altogether. They are:

  1. Setting Countdown Clocks
  2. Catching Attention to Stock Availability
  3. Other Useful Tips

Continue reading to get benefit from these 3 tactics to grab customer attention toward applying promo codes urgently.

1- Setting Countdown Clocks

1. Make Promo Codes Expiring Soon

The Most Practical Way to Create Urgency among Customers

Since the age of printed coupons, this strategy is on work. And, it seems that no other urgency invoker is going to beat this. Actually, when you offer a discount code, your product is prone to be cheapening. A merchant not only wants to avoid this fact, he also tries to boost the power of discount to maintain perfect balance. So, setting a deadline or expiry date coming soon works best in creating fast and actionable urgency. There are two examples of casaza coupon code offers below to make the point crystal clear;

  1. “Enjoy 40% discount on outdoor furniture”
  2. “Get 40% off on outdoor furniture within 48 hours”

No doubt, the latter casaza coupon code will result in incredibly higher conversion.

2. Flash Sales

Adopted by Almost All Successful Businesses

They are short sales staying out for around 24 hours. As they are known to be “the short-time sales”, their name implies to urgency. After all, every customer knows that whatever he/she is seeing in the sale is going to have huger price tomorrow. So, if something interesting comes about, they are not going to miss it at all.

One of the Most Magnetic Ways to Hit the Nail on the Head

3. Set Discounts in Response to Customer Browsing

Actions according to situation never fail. Similarly, providing discount codes to your customers by getting idea from their browsing will surely bring results. For example; if someone is looking on the website for nursery decoration, the search will let you understand the need. At the same time, send him a casaza coupon code “get 30% off on nursery decoration right now”. And, you’ll see how promptly you get the response.

In addition to creating urgency, this tool makes them feel special. And, the combine feelings build profit that is highly in merchant’s favor.

4. Offer Limited Time Free Shipping

A Tool in E-Commerce that can Win 50% Customers Back to the Cart

Free shipping works wonderfully even when it’s not for limited time. If you combine this magical strategy with a deadline, it will be a big plus to your business. For example; if casaza.com gives a casaza coupon code for limited time free shipping, countless people will take urgent action. After all, they understand that when this casaza coupon code will expire, they will have to pay additionally. Besides, associating a deadline with free shipping will be less profit killing than free shipping for long time. At one hand, it produces high range of conversion, on the other hand it does not block shipping fee forever. In short, limited time free shipping on the whole is an essential constitute to your promo code campaign.

5. Wake up Customers by Emails

These Reminders Create Much Panic to Entice Customers to Purchase

Email reminders are too common to describe in details. Although they are of various types, urgency producers are of different nature. For these type of emails, you must include something in the email header to invoke urgency. For example; “the last chance”, “hurry”, “the biggest promotion of the year”, etc. also, set the discount in a way that a couple of clicks by the customer provider him automatic discount. It will give them a better shopping experience along with not letting them think much about the offer. Actually, when customers get much time to think, they may delay. Sometimes, this delay becomes the rejection of shopping idea.

6. Create Floating Discount Bars

Don’t Let Your Discount Offers Come Out of Customer Vision

Though it’s crucial to keep your homepage ready to give discount offers, these offers should haunt customer everywhere. Wherever your customer is on the site, a floating bar on the top must be present reminding them possible saving. For example; if there is a casaza coupon code offering 80% off, it should be always on the top of your site. Whether your customer is on the homepage or any other, this floating bar will keep attracting them on the top. Mostly, people must look at it and get surprised. The urgency produced by these bars finally compel them to purchase the product as soon as possible.

2- Catching Attention to Stock Availability

Warn them that the product on discount is going to be out of stock if not purchased right then. This clever practice instills a sense of high urgency. After all, they are going to miss out the big chance if the discount is considerable. For example; if indoor furniture by casaza is available on 50% today, and most of the deals are done. Highlight how soon things will be out of stock if the casaza coupon code is not applied soon. In addition, when they come to know that something’s so quickly been sold, it must be adorable. In a nutshell, it adds to your product attraction along with creating urgency. So, after attaching deadline, no other strategy could be more popular urgency invoker than this.  

3- Other Useful Tips

  • Create a countdown timer/ticking clock to the discount code keeping playing with customer’s mentality.
  • Provide event-special discount offers, ending up when the event ends. For example; a casaza coupon code for Christmas will not be valid after Christmas. So, they will promptly take the action to achieve the big discount.
  • Introduce new products with promo codes to your customers.
  • Let them know during their purchase how much they can save on the same thing within 12 hours from then.

Use powerful, urgency provoking words like;

  • Don’t delay
  • Don’t miss out
  • The golden chance
  • The last chance
  • Only today
  • Within 12 hours
  • Now or never
  • Expiring soon
  • Short-time
  • Going to disappear soon
  • Hurry to sale
  • Rush to deal
  • Within 24 hours

So, employ these tricks and make good fortune right now!