Top Professional Tricks to Run a Coupon Code Campaign 100% Successfully

January 12, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Mattress

Eluxury Coupons Codes -

Coupon code campaign matters a lot to your e-commerce success. Regardless of the industry type, there is a strong connection between your business and coupon code strategy. Below are given professionally proven campaign ideas for eLuxury coupon code campaign as an example. Overall, these tips are applicable to any coupon campaign to boost sales and revenue.

Eluxury Coupons Code -

Subscription Offer

Give a sign-up discount to each buyer via email. And, the better idea is to design a banner for this purpose to fit on the forehead of your site.

Product-Specific Promo Codes

  • Give at least 10% off promo code to the client on leaving a review/comment.
  • Provide a 10-15% discount to the customer purchasing 3 products at a minimum. For example; if a person purchases at least 3 items on eluxury, the company should send him/her a 15% off eLuxury coupon code.
  • If your customer is interested in a product and buys it, entice him with a discount. So, send him an email/SMS with a 15% discount offer for the next category.
  • Offer around 20% discount for buying things from the same category. But, keep the offer expiring soon.
  • When a customer repeats its purchase in a single month, send him a $10 off gift card.
  • Send coupon codes for a more costly alternative of a product purchased by your customer.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Surprise your loyal customers on their birthdays with exclusive coupon codes. For example; if an eluxury loyal customer has a birthday, send a special code for him/her. Remember, this eLuxury coupon code has a validity of only 24 hours unless the birthday time ends up.

Eye-Catching Banners

  • Create tempting banners on the website such as “Get One Buy One Free” or “Visit Again and get Surprise promo code”.

Sign-up Jubilee

  • Celebrate your customer’s sign-up anniversary. In fact, you can give a big discount like 50% off on the day right after one year of sign-up.
  • Also, send a $15 gift card before the memorable day.

Special Discount for Profit Builders

  • The customers making a lion’s share in developing your profit are special. So, send them special/exclusive discount codes via email or SMS. Also, don’t forget to tell them that this special offer is only for them.

Customer-Service-Specific Discount Code

Whenever you get a complaint or annoyed buyer, coupon codes are the solution. For example, if an eLuxury customer is angry in live chat, offer him a surprise eLuxury coupon code/gift card.

ECart-Leaving-Customer- Specific Discount

Cart leaving is a global issue in online shopping. So, just give at least 5% saving coupon code t a cart abandoning customer and, hence, potentially minimize cart leaving.

Flash-Sales Experiments

Let your customers enjoy big discount offers for only 12 hours of limited time. Actually, flash sales will let you learn to develop a campaign more thoughtfully.

Activity-Specific Discount Promotions

Provide special promo codes on special times such as;

  • First-order
  • Order cancellation
  • A special activity of any customer

Regularity-Based Offers

Send discount codes to the customers based on their frequency of order booking. For example; if an eLuxury customer places an order twice a month, send him 10% off promo code. On the other hand, send a 50% off eLuxury coupon code if he/she place order 6 times a month.

Wake-up Reminders

Wake up your customers who fall asleep too long after the first order. In fact, sending a 20% off coupon code will open their eyes while you keep the validity limited

Referral System Coupon Codes

Send referral promo codes to encourage your customers sharing your brand with friends & family. For example; if eLuxury launches a referral code, the customer will love to share the link. When the eLuxury coupon code gets recurring redemption (at least 10), offer a free gift.

Discount as an Exchange of Points

Increase points on a loyalty cards whenever a customer purchases a product. Actually, these points make coupon codes when they reach a limit. Besides, let them reach the required number of points by sharing the content on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Also, it excite their passion to collect points through reviews and weekly quiz programs.

Coupons for Customers Promoting You on Social Media

  • Send a 5% saving offer on leaving a review on the company’s Facebook & Twitter profile.
  • 10% off promo code on tagging your website with a product image.
  • Send a 15% discount on sharing the company’s posts on social media.

Reliable Coupon Sites (e.g. RhinoShoppingCart)

Hats off to coupon sites like Through these sites, your promo codes will appear in front of the eyes of customers totally unaware of you. Hence, you automatically join the race with gigantic and renowned competitors. For example; while sharing eLuxury coupon codes to a coupon site, eLuxury begins to compete with globally giant mattress companies.

Blogging and Landing Page Creation

Using attractive coupon pop-ups and widgets is becoming gradually successful in coupon marketing. For example; when a customer visits, an eLuxury coupon code can catch its attention to a possible discount. The only thing you must consider is the beauty of pop-ups featuring coupons.

Wise Use of Social media

The world is crazy to use social media. Hence, posting your things with thoughtful breaks will bring fruit in the form of high conversion. Although social network compulsorily brings results, it also demands patience, efforts and, influentially, experience.

Personalized Email Campaign

Email marketing is not only immensely adaptable, but it also grants a custom way to interact with buyers. In fact, you can also send emails constituting the discount offers on your website. Remember to tell your user how to unsubscribe the notifications. Ensuring this privacy will boost customer confidence in the company.

SMS Campaign 

SMS notifications put users to the door of your online store. Actually, an SMS with a huge discount offering coupon proves to be a genuine incentive. For example; while using eLuxury promo codes, the company can boost the customer range with attention-grabbing offers. 

Coupons in Live Chat

Although live chat is constantly becoming a popular coupon promoting tool, you need to be creative to use it effectively. Surely, a professionally and smartly handled live chat can be a big hand in spreading promo codes. Finally, here we end the list of wonderfully wise coupon campaign ideas. But, you must not forget one thing. Though these tips are effectively powerful, the results may vary. Actually, these are the ways you need to cross with creativity, wisdom, planning, self-confidence, vision, gamification and personalization. In the end, you’re sure to see the auspicious face of success!