$300 Off Puffy Mattress or Puffy Lux Mattress Manufacturing, Size, Price, Features and Reasons Behind the Vast Popularity

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Memorial Day Puffy Mattress offers $300 off puffy lux mattress coupon codes Puffy is known to be the most comfortable mattress among online customers and luxury lovers.

Basically, it’s a memory foam mattress that has two major models; Puffy and Puffy Lux mattress. In addition, the latest gel infused technology has made the bed a cooling cloud with softest touch and unique feel. Below is given everything you must know about Puffy before you decide on it.

Puffy Mattress Policy

Puffy is a mattress-in-a box delivered free to the customers. Mostly, it takes 2-5 business days for shipping.

Once they shipped the bed, it’s easy to install it onto the bed foundation. Just give it 1-3 days to expand and sleep on the world’s most outclass mattress.

The next prominent factor is 101 night sleep trial, which is enough to judge the mattress to your full satisfaction. Above all, the return and full refund process is as simple as a cup of tea.

Lastly, the bed comes with a lifetime warranty which is not so common in the industry.

In a nutshell, Puffy policies are immensely in the favor of customers.

Puffy Mattress Price and Sizes

Below is given the price associated with different sizes of the mattress.

Note: though it’s company price, it may vary as the company keeps updating its discount promotions. If you want to purchase your required Puffy size, look for Puffy Mattress coupon/discount code prior to your shopping.

Size Price
Twin $795
Twin XL $825
King/Cal King $1350
Queen $1150
Full $995

What You Need to Consider Before Reading More

The details mentioned below strictly correspond to the sleeper’s body weight. Though the medium sized individual is imagined in this post, the reader may have a different number of pounds. So, you must consider your weight before going ahead. If you are heaviest of the lot (above 200 pounds) you may feel the bed is softer.

Actually, the heavy weight goes down sinking deeply into the surface. On the other hand, the lighter weights stay on the surface thinking that the bed is firmer. So, ponder to your weight before going ahead because the people asses the mattress firmness according to their body size.

Puffy Lux Mattress Manufacturing

Puffy Lux Mattress is a three-layered, 10” memory foam mattress with a 6” base layer. The middle layer that joins the top and bottom layer is 2”.

The company uses cooling technology for the top 2” layer. Though the top layer performs as the memory foam, its additional gel infused technology keeps the temperature balanced.

All in all, each foam layer in Puffy mattress is CertiPur-US verified or eco-friendly.

Puffy Mattress Cover

And, all these layers are wrapped up in a stain-resistant bed cover. So, the people enjoying refreshments in bed while watching TV should be grateful to Puffy now. Moreover, you can wash this cover in machine. All you need to do is unzipping the cover and putting it into the machine. Shortly, Puffy mattress cover is matchless in features than other bed-in-a-box offers.

Puffy Mattress Feel and Firmness

Though the top layer is memory foam, its feel is quite different. Certainly, it doesn’t make things overwhelming, but lighter and softer along with more comfortable just like a cloud. In short, the people always confused about their favorite feel will find this mattress most suitable.

Puffy Lux Mattress

Besides, it’s really amazing while shifting sleeping positions. The sleeper will get immensely deep comfort whatever sleeping style he/she has.

To talk about firmness level, it comes in the middle of the scale. Simply, the bed maintains a find balance between body counter and pressure points relief.

To recall the fact mentioned above, the details given here may be a bit different for different body sizes.

Puffy Mattress and Different Types of Sleepers

Back/Stomach Sleepers

These types of sleepers find a pretty fine support for their backbone and trunk to invite comfortable/break-free, painless sleep.

Side Sleepers: to be true, the side sleepers find that they and their mattress are made for each other. Basically, it provides finest pressure point relief to the side sleepers. As a result, they will fee a great reduction in their back, neck and joint pain.

Combination Sleepers:

As mentioned earlier, the position shifters will find the bed most accommodating and coziest. Regardless of how much a sleeper rotate at night, the bed keeps countering and switching him/her painlessly each time. Along with this, the pressure relief makes happier and more energetic mornings.


Puffy is called the best product in the mattress industry in terms of motion isolation and edge support. Actually, these two factors mean a lot when a sleeper has a partner to share bed with. Hence, Puffy provides an ideal environment to couples for sleeping and other activities. 

Heaviest sleepers

like other mattress-in-a-box products, Puffy is not a perfect thing for the heaviest people.

Puffy Mattress Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is a burning question of today’s mattress commerce.

Conventionally, memory foam is famous for deceiving and holding heat. Though it may create another customer brain wave, Puffy actually has proven its neutral temperature feature. In simple words, you’ll neither get nastily hot nor unpleasantly cool while sleeping in the mattress.

Puffy Mattress Final Word

Generally, it’s true to say that Puffy has become one of the most popular mattresses of the world. Actually, along with high quality, the bed is quite reasonable. Besides, the discount offers and Puffy mattress coupon codes make the deal more moderate.

Moreover, its popularity mostly depends upon its accommodation of all types of sleepers. Its unique feel and pressure point relief add to its global esteem. Overall, if you want to sleep on the coziest item of the day, Puffy should be your first consideration!

What Makes The Puffy Mattress Unique?

The mattress industry is too vast to spare time for matching various brands and settle on one thing. So, below are given the most exceptional points about Puffy so that you may decide effortlessly.

  • Its feel is so unique that whether you’re a memory foam lover or hater, you’will fall in love with it.
  • It has matchless mattress cover.

It has a full lifetime warranty valuing your investment.