Puffy Mattress Reviews VS Puffy Lux Mattress Reviews – Puffy Mattress Coupon Code Price, Manufacturing and Consumer Reports 2020

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Puffy Mattress Reviews (Brief Overview)

The Internet’s best mattress of the year, Puffy Mattress, is mostly named as cloud for its super comfort supply. Besides lots of puffy Mattress reviews amazon, you will see countless customer feedback on the internet voting for this brand. One thing that magnetizes a great popularity of the world to this product is its pressure points relief. With double layers of foam and advanced cooling technology, the product comes with lifetime warranty and 101 nights risk free trial. Its medium firmness has made it a perfect sleeping mattress for more than one type of sleepers. The most prominent thing known about the brand is its outstanding coziness.

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Puffy Lux Mattress Reviews (Brief Overview)

Puffy Lux is the latest model with lots of features known for the original mattress. The thing that has made this model updated is 2” of new Plush Cloud Foam. With a grander look, thicker appearance and deeper feel, the product has become even more ideal. Puffy Lux Mattress Reviews tell that with this additional feature, the sleepers feel even softer touch and comfort. Though the original brand is also known for softness and comfort, but Puffy has gone even beyond that. The bed is a more perfect profile for side sleepers, above all, though it goes surprisingly good with all sleeping positions. As it is thicker, it mirrors more lifetimes with the same body temperature balancing and comfortable touch.

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Firmness Level – Puffy Mattress VS Puffy Lux Mattress

Both the mattresses give soft and sweet touch to body, but they are a bit different in their level of firmness. Though you will not see a great firmness difference between the twos, it makes a great difference for sleepers around the world with different sleeping positions.

Puffy Mattress has two layers of foam with a firmness level that stands between 7 – 7.5 on a firmness scale from 0 to 10. On the other hand, Puffy Lux highlights 6th point of the scale. Puffy Mattress has medium-firmness, while Puffy Lux has even softer surface. With broad profile of addition Plush Cloud, this level of firmness is more spell-binding for all kinds of sleepers, especially side sleepers. Puffy Mattress reviews show how side and back sleepers have fallen in love with this bed.

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Movement Isolation – Puffy Mattress VS Puffy Lux Mattress

Lots of Puffy Mattress Reviews for different models by the company highlight the products motion isolation quality. In this regard, not only Puffy mattress, but Puffy Lux is also an ideal sleeping surface. Whether you are sleeping with your partner or anyone else, any motion transfer can disturb your sleep using other beds. With these models, the sense of vibration gets minimized. Any turn or move by the other person on the bed will be nothing to you. Though Puffy Mattress reviews about motion isolation sound soothing, the actual appealing experience by the sleepers beggars description.

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Body Temperature Balancing – Puffy Mattress VS Puffy Lux Mattress

Both Puffy Mattress and Lux version have the same top surface manufactured with advanced cooling technology. The both mattresses allow your body stay cool and in a world of fantasy. Besides, the bed cover with its breathability and coziness lets your body release heat and get relaxed.

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Here, one thing that matters is the firmness of any mattress. As mentioned above, Puffy Lux Mattress reviews scream that it is even softer than the original model, it offers greater sinkage. The deeper sinkage lets your body go down and reduces air flow around it. As a result, you may not feel as cool as lying on rather firmer surface such as Puffy Mattress. So, to talk about cooling prospect, both beds have same memory foam, but different firmness. And, this firmness can increase the feel by increasing the air flow around the body.

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Edge Support – Puffy Mattress VS Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy Mattress Reviews speak loud about the edge support of both models. They have dense layers guaranteeing the durability and consistency on all over the mattress for sleeping. Not only sleeping, sitting on the edges will also be so without any fraction just because the mattresses are really thick and dense. It values your sleeping experience and broads your sleeping platform. Besides, the value of investment also goes up whether you spend on Puffy Mattress or Puffy Lux. Both the mattresses offer outstandingly great supported edges for stretching and sitting.

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Online Coupons for Puffy Mattress

You must have a question in your mind that where to buy Puffy Mattress. You must know that shopping the product online is much more economical for you due to online coupons. They offer huge discounts and grand sales. Online Puffy Mattress Reviews show how much you can save by using these online coupons to buy any of the Puffy Mattresses. How much a coupon can affect your financial plan for buying a Puffy bed can be estimated below:

Price – Puffy Mattress VS Puffy Lux Mattress

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Puffy Mattress Pricing with $250 Discount:

  • Twin        –  $575
  • Twin XL   – $625
  • Full          – $745
  • Queen     – $900
  • King         – $1100
  • California King – $1100

Puffy Lux Mattress Pricing with $275 Discount:

  • Twin           – $1170
  • Twin XL      – $1220
  • Full             – $1320
  • Queen        – $1520
  • King            – $1720
  • California King – $1720

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Summary – Puffy Mattress VS Puffy Lux Mattress

For the utmost comfort attached to both of the mattresses, they have created great magnetism for the world. Both are known to be creating a fairy tale atmosphere for sleeping and shifting into the world of dreams. Both have similar top layer, cooling technology, cloudy touch, dense edges, updated designs, life warranty, motion isolation and memory foam life. A few things you will have to settle on include;

  • Sinkage
  • Firmness level
  • thickness
  • Price

If you are stomach sleeper, in our unbiased Puffy Mattress reviews, we will suggest you Puffy Mattress, because the Lux version will be softer for your sleeping style. If you are side sleeper, Puffy lux Mattress is an ideal option for you. With tough budget, the former option is better. To boast style among friends, go with what is latest – Puffy lux Mattress!

Puffy Mattress Reviews Promo Code - RhinoShoppingCart.com

Customer Feedback – Puffy Mattress VS Puffy Lux

Puffy Mattress reviews consumer reports for both versions are given below:

“I needed a mattress with lifetime warranty, tried Puffy Lux Mattress that is with additional memory foam. I wonder why I delayed till now. It is a wonderfully comfortable bed.. I just love it. just open the delivery in a wide area like your bedroom not at door. Highly recommended.” Micheal

“Puffy Mattress is a perfect bed for us. I am sleeping on it for 2 years. It is highly durable and comfortable. Good edge support and cooling tech. recommended.” Charlis

Want to decide between Puffy Mattress and Puffy Lux Mattress? Here are the best price, manufacturing, durability and quality comparison of the two mattresses. Unveil our unbiased Puffy Mattress reviews to get a full comparison between the two beds!