Top 9 Practices to Optimize Coupon Codes in Email Marketing Campaigns Smartly and Successfully

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The combination of discount codes and email campaigns is highly beneficial to any business. If used deliberately, email marketing is one of the best coupon code carriers. When you provide appealing coupons in emails, they will result in conversions. According to studies, emails with discount codes increase by around 50% more profit than simple marketing emails. Various reports tell about the big percentage of customers who love to use email discount codes. For example, has increased a lot of traffic by an email marketing campaign with Wayfair Coupon code.

So, using discount codes in emails could prove highly valuable. Below are given ideas to use coupon codes in email marketing campaign.

1- Send Customized Emails to Segmented Categories of Your Customers

Customization is essential to engage specific customers with discount code offers.

Your customer segments maybe like

  • Sign-up members
  • One-time buyers
  • Buyers who always favor one thing over others
  • Sale hunters
  • Loyal buyers

Project emails with discount codes to all these categories. For example; a Wayfair coupon code offering 40% off to a customer who purchased once will be like “JUST FOR YOU: Save up to 40% on your next purchase”. This email will have the first purchase at the top to remind the customer what was bought from

2- Send Exclusive Coupon Codes to Cart-Abandoning Customers

Around 70% of online buyers give up a shopping carts for different reasons. In fact, discount code via email in response to this cart abandonment is a common tool among online sellers. Actually, every e-commerce is using this trick because it is usually successful in turning cart abandoning into conversion.

3- Offer First Order Discount in Emails

Like the previous one, it’s also a very powerful tool to increase conversions. In fact, various studies tell that customers expect a welcome discount. And, fulfilling their expectations is fundamental to win customer loyalty. For example; gives $40 off Wayfair on their first order. Usually, the customer needs no Wayfair coupon code 2021 to receive that discount. All they need to do is sign-up and booking their first order to get $40 off.

4- Avoid Complications

During email marketing, things must be immensely beguiling and convincing. So, people may leave their this-and-that and get busy browsing and buying the product using your email promo code. If you provide the offer with a complicated, long combination of letters, it becomes irritating.

As a matter of fact, when buyers open the email, they visit the site much later to shop. So, the promo code must be so captivating that they could remember it easily.

5- Set Automatic Discount Applying System

It can be even simpler. Do you know how? The answer is also simple. While you introduce a discount code in the email, set things beforehand. In other words, when a user gets the checkout section, the discount in the email is already applied. For example; a user receives an email with a 30% off Wayfair coupon code 20 off. And, when he clicks on the link after opening the email, the 30% off is automatically applied.

Remember, if you make redeeming discount complicated, no one will like to click on the emails.

6- Give Birthday & Anniversary Surprises

Birthday discount surprises mean killing two birds with one stone. In other words;

  1. It makes customer feel special and must use the discount. Why? Because it is only for them. In fact, they won’t hesitate if they have to spend more on this discount deal. Their major focus will be that they are exclusive and that they can save.
  2. Secondly, it is discount deal fatigue killer. Usually, when there are discount code emails in abundance, a handsome range of customers leave opening them. But, receiving a surprise discount will motivate them to go through each new notification. Actually, they will begin to look for new surprises.

One thing you must ponder upon is creativity. Though birthday discount offers in emails have lost the luster they once had. But, you can always employ different ways to make a birthday discount offer more delightful. For example; Wayfair coupon code 20 off any order exclusive for birthday celebrations is lovelier than others. You should also extract all bottled-up creativity to win customer loyalty.

7- Offer Special Event Coupon Codes to Loyal Customers

Your loyal customers deserve special attention. Though they can use the general coupon codes, exclusive offers will add to their loyalty. So, welcome them to exclusive festivals and events to take part in winning discount codes.

In addition, this VIP protocol will entice your first-timer buyers to think about the benefits for loyal customers. As a result, it automatically works as one of the most wonderful conversion tools in business.

8- Provider Buyers with Their Own Referral Coupon Codes

Let your customer stand out in friends and family by their own discount offer to share. Although they will feel excited about it, you will also get a higher rate of conversion consequently.

Provide your buyers their referral promo to spread among their loved ones. Besides, send Thanks Notice to them after each conversion as a result of their referral promo sharing. For example; when a user share a special Wayfair coupon 2021 to his friends and family, and they sign up. should promptly send a thank you email to that new subscriber.

To develop a successful referral promo code for customers, keep things simple and comprehensible. Otherwise, they will neglect the benefit for avoiding complications.

9- Make Coupon Code a Part of Email Header

The key purpose behind email marketing campaigns with promo codes is conversion. So, it is a must that your subscriber open emails. For this purpose, don’t hesitate to add the discount offer in the email header. Though it may decrease your open number, how can you compromise over decreasing redemption numbers? It will at least continuously raise the redemption rate.

So, how your emails should look with promo code in the header? Look at the examples below.

  • “JUST FOR YOU: SAVE 30% on Your Birthday with Exclusive Wayfair 20 coupon 2021”
  • “Get $20 off – Just For You”
  • “ Take 30% off if You Live in USA and Canada”

There is an alternative if you still fear using promo codes in the email header. Just create a sense of urgency by adding words in the email header like “Hurry”, “The Golden Chance to Save Money” or “The Biggest Discounts of the Year”.

Final Word

To meet the main purpose of an email marketing campaigns, they must appeal to the users. So, they don’t delay opening and clicking on it. If you follow the 9 tricks above, your emails will be more prone to be opened and clicked on. As a result, you’ll get an incredible increase in conversion.